Junior Committee and Age Managers

The Junior Committee and Age Managers are all parent volunteers who invest their time in the club and in our children because of their love of surf life saving. We would love to see as many parents and family members involved as possible. Its a wonderful club culture and there are many ways you can help. Please see one of the Committee Members or Age Managers if you would like to find out more.

Chairperson – David Mewett
Vice Chairperson –
Secretary – Michael Norris
Treasurer –
Club President – Dave Meredith

Education Officer – Carl Jacobs
Water Captain – Duane Arnold
Beach Coordinator –
Point Score Recorder – Caren Smith
Carnival Coordinator – Belinda Jacobs
Registrar – Kristy Sheldrick
Assistant Registrar – Nigel Harpley
Gear Steward – Belinda Jacobs
BBQ Coordinator – David Williams. Lianne Munro
Clothing Coordinators – Melissa Norris and Danielle Norris
Sand Coach – Marty Ward
Water Coach – Mark Norris, Lachlan Kimberley and Kieran McKay

AGE MANAGERS – 2017/18
U6 Age Managers – Kylee and Michael Lane
U7 Age Managers – Karissa McKay and Jill Hellmund
U8 Age Managers – Sarah Hypatidis
U9 Age Managers – Carl and Belinda Jacobs
U10 Age Managers – Suzanne McGuinn and Caren Smith
U11 Age Managers – Nigel Harpley and Daniel Chapman
U12 Age Managers – Kieran McKay
U13 Age Managers – Andrew Jones
U14 Age Managers – Paul Sparks

North Wollongong SLSC would like to extend their thanks to our parents and volunteers – without you, there would be no nippers!