Junior Committee

The Junior Committee for the 2017/2018 Season:

Chairperson – David Mewett
Vice Chairperson – Vacant
Secretary – Michael Norris
Treasurer – Vacant
Club President – Dave Meredith
Education Officer – Carl Jacobs
Water Captain – Duane Arnold
Beach Coordinator – Vacant
Point Score Recorder – Caren Smith
Carnival Coordinator – Belinda Jacobs
Registrar – Kristy Sheldrick
Assistant Registrar – Nigel Harpley
Gear Steward – Belinda Jacobs
BBQ Coordinator – David Williams. Lianne Munro
Clothing Coordinators – Melissa Norris and Danielle Norris
Sand Coach – Marty Ward
Water Coach – Mark Norris, Lachlan Kimberley and Kieran McKay

AGE MANAGERS – 2017/18
U6 Age Managers – Kylee and Michael Lane
U7 Age Managers – Karissa McKay and Jill Hellmund
U8 Age Managers – Sarah Hypatidis
U9 Age Managers – Carl and Belinda Jacobs
U10 Age Managers – Suzanne McGuinn and Caren Smith
U11 Age Managers – Nigel Harpley and Daniel Chapman
U12 Age Managers – Kieran McKay
U13 Age Managers – Andrew Jones
U14 Age Managers – Paul Sparks


North Wollongong SLSC would like to extend their thanks to our parents and volunteers – without you, there would be no nippers!