Members of the Junior Committee will email out information from time to time but we have found this alone is not as effective as some people do not check emails frequently.
Knowing this, urgent and important information will be sent out differently this season. The Junior Committee email address, which is checked on a weekly basis is:

Please ensure you have a valid email in the “personal details” section of surf lifesaving online:


We will try to use SMS as an instant form of communication to members.
Please ensure you have a valid mobile number in the “personal details” section of surf lifesaving online:


indexNORTH WOLLONGONG SLSC is our CLUB PUBLIC PAGE, used as a public site to post general photos and promote the club. (Not general communication). Click on the FaceBook icon to follow our FaceBook page.

facebook-group-iconNIPPERS – NORTH WOLLONGONG SURF LIFE SAVING CLUB is a CLOSED JUNIOR GROUP – What you may not know is we also have a “Members Only Group” – this group will be used for the Junior Committee to communicate with members but can also be used for member to member or member to club communication. Please click on the icon (left) to join our group.


website-iconAlong with all the above devices, as usual the latest information will also be available on our website: